Koikatsu english translation

koikatsu english translation

koikatsu english translation

部活しよう=Do Koikatsu ついてきて=Follow me 一緒に帰ろう=Go home together 謝る=Apologize デートに誘う=Ask on a date 告白する=Confess コイカツ部に誘う=Invite to Koikatsu ;; School …

But to answer your question: Yes, there is a auto translator plugin (bad machine translation). https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator Koikatsu Party is the western version, so it's a professional english translation.

Beauty 3D Model Koikatu shared a video from the playlist Koikatu / Koikatsu. January 21 at 2:09 PM · Koikatsu character voice samples (English translation) [ILLUSION H-GAME] コイカツ From EroGuySensei YT

1. There are no translations from Steam in the game, only from Illusion (devs) themselves and they are built in the game. 2. Community translations are provided for textures only (buttons, backgrounds, etc.) and work offline as well. 3. XUnity.AutoTranslator is responsible for translating in-game texts via Googgle translate on fly, so it requires active internet connection.

Koikatsu character voice samples (English translation) [ILLUSION H-GAME] コイカツ From EroGuySensei YT. Beauty 3D Model Koikatu posted a video to playlist Koikatu / Koikatsu. April 28, 2018 · 素直クール (CV:橘美月) お嬢様 (CV:野々村沙夜) 意地っ張り 倔強 (CV:片倉ひな) 正統派ヒロイン (CV:藤崎紗矢香) ものぐさ 懶散 (CV ...

So I have the other version of this game from before it was on steam its just called Koikatu and while its fun the english subs are really bad. I think they were done by a computer program or something so half the time you cant even tell what they are actually saying. I am more than willing to pay for this game and install all the mods and dlc for it if the english subs are this version are good.

KoikatsuTranslation / BepInEx / Translation / en / Text / H.txt Go to file Go to file T; Go to line L; Copy path Copy permalink . Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 154 lines (142 sloc) 4.24 KB Raw Blame // H scene: 絶頂させて=Cautious: 射精して=Climax: 股間で絶頂したい=Cum inside : 表示選択=Select location: 寝=Laid down: 机=Desk: 教室机=Class desk: 立ち ...

English translation for Koikatsu. Contribute to FriendlySky/KoikatsuENG development by creating an account on GitHub.

KoikatsuTranslation/BepInEx/Translation/en/Text/Menu - ClassEdit.txt. GeBo1 updates to catch a few missing strings, and adjust regexes a bit to b…. // These both need label overrides... badly. Abbreviating is okay I guess, but bleh. 愛称=Nick. 性格=Pers.

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